Author: Valerie Rodriquez

Why Is Instagram Good for Designers?

It’s not an unexpected thing that designers love Instagram. The tool provides enormous opportunities and inspiration for motivated designers to do better. Furthermore, as the trending marketplace, Instagram is quite helpful for young designers as it is easier for them to showcase their work to their customers. The platforms help designers attract new customers and build their portfolios simultaneously. The app features all of their products on their Instagram account, assisting them in maintaining a record of their work and selling it instantaneously. As there is a lot more to explore on attracting new clients on Instagram, designers have an edge if they market their products through Instagram ad spend. A lot depends on the quality of the pictures they upload and their customer service, responding to client queries.  

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What to Include in Your Instagram Bio?

So, how to get more Instagram followers for your travel blog? To answer this question, let’s first consider the first meeting between two people, not online but physically. The first few seconds of the meeting will determine. You will have assessed their looks, posture, facial impression, and body cues. In that instant, you will have made your decision. First impressions count and that’s the same online. You could even say that the timespan for a decision online is even shorter.

For those using Instagram for business, you might be selling services, products, or goods. That first impression that we are talking about is determined with your Instagram bio. With the ‘right looking bio’, you can make up someone’s mind in seconds. Potential followers can decide to follow you from the content of your bio. And new potential followers lead to increase visibility and possibly revenue for your brand.

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Racism: a Conservative Perspective

It is rather unfortunate, but racism has been part and parcel of the universe ever since the start. Whether it be based on color, gender, religion, or ethnicity, people have always demeaned one another. Having a bias towards a specific color or slurring chants at people one does not like simply because you disagree with their religion is not correct in any size, shape, or form. Racism is the act of having a prejudice directed against a specific person or a group of people simply because they belong to a particular ethnic group. This is one act that is shameful, disgraceful, and demeaning. In order to fight racism, there have been countless protests and campaigns conducted throughout the world. The most impactful, however, has been the Black Lives Matter 2020.

What Is Black Lives Matter?

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What are the rules for emails and texting with health information?

Reminding people of their appointments has now become a prevalent practice. These reminders can be in the form of physical reminders or electronic reminders. Technology has now enabled people and especially doctors and patients, to be continuously reminded of their upcoming appointments. Hence, the room for error at both ends decreases significantly, and there is no loss of valuable time and money.

What are appointment reminders?

Especially from the point of view of doctors or the health clinics, the appointment reminders are very important since they enable the patient to come on time. This also prevents a loss of valuable time, capital as well as other resources because on average, a skipped or a canceled appointment can cost the clinic as much as thousands of dollars since the patient is not able to come, take the appointment, and give the required fee of the consultation or more. Appointment reminders can also be through HIPAA compliant texting solutions.

Electronic Reminders

These clinics now use some of the electronic reminders, mainly to avoid any confusion from their end. The electronic reminders are sometimes automatic and sometimes manual depending upon what information needs to be added or subtracted. Some of the prominent and most common examples of the electronic appointment reminder systems include generating reminders through text messages (SMS services) or via email (emailing services). Both these methods are not only easy to handle, but they are also very convenient for the patient and are very hard to miss, ignore, or even overlook due to any possible reason. Hence, the chances of appointments being missed by the patients are very slim, and sometimes they are very close to zero.

Are text message appointment reminders HIPAA compliant?

The best thing about the SMS appointment reminders is that they are HIPAA compliant because they might consist of very important and sensitive patient information that the patient might not be comfortable sharing with anyone other than the doctor or the people clinic who are treating the said patient. Because these are HIPAA compliant texting solutions, the patient, can rest assured that all of their information is strictly confined to the concerned people. Therefore, the chances of anyone else getting their hands to the information is close to zero.

Rules for texting with health information

In case the information is being sent by the patient to the doctor via text, it must be understood that no rules are applied in this scenario. However, if the same or related sensitive information is being sent from the clinic to the patient, then the rules are definitely applied since it is the responsibility of the doctor or the clinic to protect the information being provided. In such a scenario, the security protocol rule is applied. This enables the information to get protected once the information is received from the patient by the health clinic. The same is applied in the case of emails since email is also another source of sending or receiving health appointment reminders that may contain sensitive information.

How to decorate with African mudcloth pillows

Mudcloth or Bogolanfini pillows are pillows that are indeed made from mud. In general, it is a term used to describe textiles whose entire production is done by hand, no machines involved. African mudcloth pillows for interior decoration started hundreds of years back, in the 12th century. 

  • This article will teach you some tips on how to decorate with African mudcloth pillows. However, I would like to give a brief explanation of how mudclothes are produced. 
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Do Instagram growth services work?

I will start by first explaining what Instagram growth services mean, with an illustration. If you have plans of being an Instagram influencer – which is an excellent idea. Or you just opened an Instagram account for your business, perhaps because you have heard how lucrative the platform is for small businesses. After trying all you can to grow your followers organically – we all know that you tried your hardest, but things are just not as rosy as people paint it to be. Then one day, you hear a friend say that you can visit website of some professionals and employ them to grow your Instagram account for you. Those professionals that offer those services are called Instagram growth services. 

Now, the question: does Instagram growth services work, cannot be directly answered without considering some factors. One of these factors and probably the most important is: how good is the Instagram growth service that you hired? 

A lot of people read customer reviews before buying a product or before patronizing a service, and they are brilliant at doing that. Because of the high level of scam and dishonesty on the internet, you might find it challenging to know the best type of Instagram growth service to employ to yield positive results. 

Now that you know that it can be dicey to find a good Instagram growth service for your account to start having a maximum engagement, I will do you a favor and point out the features you should look out for to make the right choice while employing an Instagram growth service. 

How to know an Instagram growth service that will work.


  • A good Instagram growth service will not quote a number of Instagram followers that you will gain: a good Instagram growth service will only offer organic services. Because of this, they have no way of knowing the specific number of followers that you will gain at any point in time. Unless they are using robots – which is a terrible idea, a good Instagram growth service should understand that they don’t control the minds of real people. Therefore, they should not quote that a certain number of people will follow your account. I mean, what if what they say doesn’t come true. They will be termed fake and liars, which is undoubtedly bad for their business. 
  • No buying of Instagram followers: if an Instagram growth service proposes to buy Instagram followers for your account, then you should take to your heels. I want you to understand that it’s not the number of followers that matter, but how often your followers interact with your posts and upload. This is not to say that having followers that run into hundreds of thousands is a bad thing; no. What matters most is how engaged those followers are. Moreover, the followers that these growth services sell to you are inactive accounts or uninterested followers. Buying Instagram followers can be likened to inviting uninterested people to patronize you. They might listen to you for the first time, but they will lose interest quickly, and they will not buy your product. 
  • Offer organic procedures: any Instagram growth service that offers services like liking and commenting, follow – unfollow, regular uploads on feeds and stories, one live video per day, et.c., can be trusted. 


Finally, you should patronize Instagram growth services that meet the factors above. They will give your Instagram account a strong presence. After which you can now become what you’ve always wanted to be, an influencer, or attract potential buyers to your business. SimplyGram is one of the best Instagram growth services that you can trust to deliver top-notch services.  

Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas

While most chest tattoos design are found on men – its too easy to inked large tattoos of boats, religious tattoos and so on – lady also get this part of their body tattoo. The breasts are a major and popular for some ladies, and small little tattoo are regularly seen beautifying the cleavage of ladies from varying backgrounds. This kind of chest tattoos design for ladies is effortlessly secured, especially in ladies, who don’t have a tendency to go shirtless.

Ladies chest tattoos design can also be very sensual for their partners. The moderately private nature of chest tattoo on lady implies that pictures could be inked here that a lady may not need somewhere else.

The popular art of lady’s chest tattoo design names, hearts, blossoms, butterfly and other female pictures.

Butterfly and inscription chest tattoo Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
2 Chest Tattoo for Women Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Chest Tattoos 9 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Chest Tattoos 1 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Chest Tattoos 4 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Chest Tattoos 8 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
3 Chest quote Tattoo for Women Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
tattoos for ladies chest Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Chest Tattoos 7 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
tattoo lady Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
beautifull tattoo Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Mammoth butterfly with roses Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
Big owl chest tattoo Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
41df07a11500602b695bbce0fcab48df1 Ladies Chest Tattoos Design Ideas

Make your body art also a beautiful looking with ladies chest tattoos design ideas.

Sleeve Tattoos Design Ideas

Sleeve Tattoos Design Ideas – Sleeve tattoos design are getting more normal as tattoos edge their path into standard society. Sleeve tattoo design covers from the upper part of the shoulder down to the elbow (simply marginally more than a short-sleeved shirt). Quarter, three-quarter, and full sleeve tattoo design are additionally getting to be more expected.

maori chest and sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
Sleeve Tattoos Arm Tattoos 08 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
full sleeve tattoos ideas 7 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
40 full sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
15 full sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
42 full sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
0549fb366998a3a5407cf9c670a7ba20 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
city sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
sleeve tattoos for men 55 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
sleeve tattoos for men 41 1 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
samoan sleeve tattoo shane tattoos 40134 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
men sleeve tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
free shipping Halloween font b tattoo b font font b sleeve b font sun font b Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
Sleeve Tattoos Arm Tattoos 46 Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas
Cool Sleeve Tattoo Man Stuart Reardon Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Make your sleeve also a beautiful looking with sleeve tattoo design ideas

Faith Tattoos Design Ideas

Most tattoos that individuals commit to confidence have a tendency to have the real word “faith” in it. The difference in the belief tattoo design is may come to the real text style word was inked at your body. Some individuals like to add other art that are important to belief tattoo design to make it more powerful beliefs, and more special.

 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
jesus fish faith tattoo design Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
489381607d11dae3e96630f1c6fd99c4 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
90bcb9498a4294d78e67ba7d08ddf1b8 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
62f645859ca1103ba2f8ec7975b310b4 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
word faith tattoo Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
cross faith wrist tattoos p88gurn0 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
faith tattoo ideas image faith tattoo ideas 20140704031544 53b654a0b9d06 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
flying birds and infinity faith tattoo on back Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
1719 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
c7a0c534649e12ae397d3ac775864cf8 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
faith quote tattoos tattooquoteshave faith tattoo models designs quotes and ideas 12611 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
faith tattoos 31 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
birds flying from dandelion puff and faith is with me tattoo on bicep Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
818 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
Faith Tattoos 361 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
left side rib faith tattoo for girls Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
faith tattoo designs on wrist b8puhmcw Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
876b34cbc2548421428d5184280d838e Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
61f020f8546a6d2abc5d9b615d8f0e4a Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
1018 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
Faith Tattoos 73 Copy Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
521 Faith Tattoos Design Ideas
ba04cb2ecb91a081b33620c1df74cbee Faith Tattoos Design Ideas

Make your body art also a beautiful looking with faith tattoos design ideas.

Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas

Men who decide to get their tattoos on their chest are generally searching for a substantial spot to show a big size of the picture. According to international survey reports, the most popular pictures that could be inked on a men‘s chest tattoos design is a “Boat”.

Usually you can found those chest tattoo design from an old-time schooner, sailor or pirate ship. These tattoos design are much bigger than you would regularly find on different parts of the body. Many ship men tattoos were inked on the chest, including nautical stars, stays, and swallows – all of which have their own memory or meaning.

Other famous mens chest tattoos design include portrait, hearts (something a man may not have any desire to show on visible part of their body) and lettering/words.

chest tattoos for men 12 Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
1 chest tattoo for men Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
36 chest tattoo for men Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
chest tribal tattoos Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
29f64fc504ca271b7deec458fd96db34 Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
 Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
7 chest tattoos for men Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
chest 6 Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
mens chest tattoos Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas
129 Mens Chest Tattoos Design Ideas

Make your body art also a beautiful looking with mens chest tattoos design ideas.