Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks for both business and personal use. No one disputes that Instagram gives businesses a lot of unique opportunities to grow if used properly, and those opportunities continue to grow as more and more people join the platform. For a brand or blogger’s Instagram marketing to be successful, they need to have a significant number of followers. Why do people strive to get more Instagram followers? For public people, it’s a measure of their popularity. For brands, it improves the visibility of publications and, as a result, increases revenue. Moreover, for a blogger, it’s a way to influence the thoughts and feelings of their readers, expand their social circle and gain recognition.

Why are real followers important?

Having a large number of followers on your Instagram account means that this person or business is interesting and valuable for the audience, motivating and inspiring, and they want to be emulated. Consequently, such a page will have great importance and authority. If you managed to increase Instagram followers, it means that you have chosen the right way of keeping an account and that society is interested in your life position. In all social networks, you can find people who are close in spirit or hobbies. This also gives an opportunity to increase the number of readers of your account. And yet, one of the main features of Instagram is the sale of various goods and services. Accordingly, if you have active subscribers, you can advertise your products through your account and get a high income due to the number of subscribers who are potential clients. This kind of advertising is often the most effective and does not require any financial investments. If you position yourself as a blogger and an interesting person, your “army of subscribers” can become a real way to make money by advertising products for a fee.

Content strategy

Developing an account from scratch starts with content strategy and choices. Look at Instagram features that will increase your engagement with followers. Answer 5 questions: who is your target audience – gender, age, interests, needs regarding the product; who are your direct and indirect competitors; what are their differences, disadvantages, and advantages over your product; what do you sell? List all services: why buy from you? What are the differences from your competitors? Don’t be lazy and answer the strategic questions. The next step in recruiting subscribers on your own is content production. Take eye-catching photos, write posts that interest your target audience, and sway comment activity. Content is why it’s worth subscribing to you.

Where do you find real subscribers?

Find accounts that have your target audience and negotiate a mutual PR. Other than that, you can do a live stream, exchange guest posts, and flip Stories. Popular bloggers do a variety of interactives. Join activities that will help you gain subscribers. Also, leave interesting and clever comments under posts to remember your readers. It also makes sense to arrange for advertising from major bloggers. You can be promoted if you do a really cool service, or product, or your content is admired. Actively shoot Reels. Foremost, don’t be afraid. Everyone starts somewhere, the important thing is to get active. Reels are great for recipes, tips, before\afters, humor, and dancing. Choose a trend, adapt it to your niche, shoot it, prescribe hashtags, and collect free traffic to your account.