So, how to get more Instagram followers for your travel blog? To answer this question, let’s first consider the first meeting between two people, not online but physically. The first few seconds of the meeting will determine. You will have assessed their looks, posture, facial impression, and body cues. In that instant, you will have made your decision. First impressions count and that’s the same online. You could even say that the timespan for a decision online is even shorter.

For those using Instagram for business, you might be selling services, products, or goods. That first impression that we are talking about is determined with your Instagram bio. With the ‘right looking bio’, you can make up someone’s mind in seconds. Potential followers can decide to follow you from the content of your bio. And new potential followers lead to increase visibility and possibly revenue for your brand.

Take note of the following tips when it comes to your Instagram bio.

Your Instagram Name

Our first recommendation will be to optimize your Instagram brand name. Optimization refers to making your content, or in this case, your brand name more relatable/searchable in the particular field you are in. The best way is to include your name with a common searchable keyword. That way, when your target audience searches that particular keyword, your brand is the first one that pops up. If you are a chef in a particular field, you might want to use vegan recipes in your name field. For a gym instructor, you can use gym/fitness enthusiasts and so on.

Play up your skills

Remember those few seconds we told you about? You will want to maximize them. Your Instagram bio should be able to highlight your skills to your target audience. Once someone reads your bio, they immediately can know what your brand is all about and if you can fit their interest.

You should set up only marketable skills that set you apart from the competition.

Keywords and phrases

Keywords will not increase your searchability on Instagram apart from the use as your username. But they are words that each follower is looking out for as they peruse your bio. If you have used the Instagram bio page before, you know that you have only a few characters. Maximizing that space and passing along your message with a few words is key.

Let your character shine

Another element of your Instagram bio is being yourself. Your personality should be evident through your bio. Express yourself. This is the only way your Instagram bio will be different from those of others. You can decide to use an emoji or two. Others might want to use a branded hashtag. It all boils down to what works for you and what can make you stand out.

Contact information

An Instagram business profile allows you to add your contact information to your bio. You can include your phone number, email address, and also your physical address. The best thing about this section is that it doesn’t take up any character space.