Ring Tattoos Design Ideas


Choosing an engagement ring is always a difficult task. Especially if you and the other half have decided that you do not want to be banal and decided to stuff tattoos in the form of rings.

This trend is becoming more and more popular, so you can see it not only in the hands of freaks or celebrities. Some people just hide such tattoos under normal rings. And yet, to choose a sketch for such a special tattoo should also be especially careful.
Why do people get tattoos in the form of rings?

To try to be unique. Among the millions of newlyweds, every couple wants to be something special.
Tattoos in the form of rings – the ability to embody an absolutely unique and unique design, for example, by fitting into the circle of the ring some special symbol or date for the couple. Repeat this in a jewelry piece is impossible.
Sometimes the rings are some words, even phrases or just initials. They can be hidden under normal rings, as something intimate, personal.
Such tattoos in the form of rings are not necessary to do husband and wife. They can be “seat holders” for those who are not yet married or do not plan it.

What is the design for a tattoo of rings to choose from?

A tattoo around your finger can have quite a few variations, the choice between which is limited only by your imagination. You can choose one of the existing ideas or use them as a starting point by inventing your own special design.
A selection of ideas for a ring tattoo

Two simple parallel lines that circle the nameless fingers of the bride and groom.
The barbed wire is an alternative for rebels.
If you do not have thin little fingers, you can try the Celtic weave pattern around your finger.
Together the rings can be the name of your loved one or his initials.
You can also use dates as a ring – your meeting or wedding, written in Arabic or Roman numerals.
You can stuff a regular ring with inlaid stones, created with a tattoo machine.
An improvised ring does not have to be locked around your finger. Drawing on one side only is also a good idea.

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